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About Penumbra Group

We are a talent management consulting practice, providing leadership development, hiring and selection consulting, training and performance coaching with a focus on Emotional Intelligence.

We can help you maximize the performance of your workforce and help you get the most from your human capital investment. This is done through selection (the attraction of candidates to your organization and the process you follow to interview and select them); retention (the ways you keep your employees loyal to your organization); motivation (the techniques you use to enagage, inspire and energize your employees); and development (continuous learning that builds a workforce with a relevent and valuable skill set).

Our services include:

Hiring and Selection Consulting
Executive Coaching Services
Skill Assessments
Training and Development Workshop Facilitation

Some of our Clients


"Jen Shirkani and the Penumbra group have provided a real return on investment for our business. Their ability to customize their product and tailor it to our needs and audience has resulted in highly engaging training with real world application. Our learners not only walk out of Jen's training with knowledge, but the "how to's" they can apply back at their desks!"

Craig Robinson, Sr. Manager, Training and Development, Broadcom